Daryl is a children’s author (17 children's books)
/singer/songwriter/storyteller and premier educational
who does school visits in the United States
and Abroad. His use of performance arts (in his school
/ author visit programs) to teach and entertain has
educators and assembly coordinators everywhere
consistently calling his school visits and children's
educational programs
“the best of the best” (Linda
Kolb, Supervisor of Instruction, Toms River, New Jersey
“unique and exciting” and “off the charts good”
(Judy Rothenberger RS, Oak Ridge E. Pennsylvania)
Daryl’s takes his audience on a journey through
the creative and writing processes by cleverly
blending educational information (small moments,
developing ideas, editing, revising, illustrating, the
importance of words, conflict, detailing, etc.) with
live performance, music, reader’s theatre, readings
and interactive activities. His performances are
compelling, his energy and excitement for his
craft is contagious. (
I don't think anyone has ever
interacted with the children the way you did... and they
responded to you in such a positive way.
” - Debbie O’Brien,
Blairstown, New Jersey, PTA
  •    Programs that meet core curriculum standards
  •    Education staff approval ratings of excellent!
  •    Student participation level ratings of excellent!
  •    Daryl's books are Kirkus Reviews recommended
  •    Books for K-8 readers
  •    Daryl's books can be found at Follett School Solutions
  •    Captivating programs for Pre-K through 8th grades
  • The use of small moments
  • Discovering good ideas
  • The importance of words
  • Editing and revisions
  • Creating conflict
  • Correctly bringing the conflict and the solution together
  • Creating detail
"Daddy Did I Ever Say?
I Love You, Love You, Every Day
--Kirkus Reviews calls "Mr. Moon",
"[a] pleasing children's narrative with a relevant
message. ... Cobb's text ... has a simple charm
likely to please young readers [and]... Jaeger's
illustrations give the night a soft, beautiful glow,
complementing Cobb's text ... . Her personifications
of Mr. Moon and Mr. Sun are utterly delightful.
Cobb will likely delight and instruct children with
this charming tale."
Daryl's author visit programs are seen by elementary and middle school children across the United States and abroad.
Daryl Cobb is a children’s book author who does school visits.
Daryl's touring area includes this state-by-state list. Local areas
are highlighted with an asterisk.
A Children's Novel
Recommended reading for parents, boys and girls,
advanced young readers or ages 10-15 and up.
Always sincere, occasionally shocking, this tale is required
reading for kids and parents
.   -- Kirkus Reviews
Daryl Cobb is an author who does school
visits in the United States and Abroad. Some
of the schools he visited during the 2011-12
school year include:
Daryl's author visit performances and programs
are rated by educators as excellent!
Writing & reading are about to get a lot more exciting!
"Baseball, Bullies & Angels"
[T]he sentiment is sweet and Van Wagoner’s
illustrations are eye catching, though it’s the little
girl’s expression that shines through on every page.
The verse Cobb has penned is appealing and...[t]he
idea behind the story of the little girl and her doting
father is charming[.] ”      
-- Kirkus Reviews
--Kirkus Reviews calls
Bill the Bat Babysits Bella",
"A sweet book celebrating brother-sister bonds."
-- Kirkus Reviews calls
"Bill the Bat Loves Halloween",
"[A] fast- moving, fun rhyming picture book"!
--Kirkus Reviews calls"Daniel Dinosaur",
"A sweet story told in simple rhymes that young
children will likely enjoy. The light, whimsical
drawings maintain a sense of fun."
For advanced young readers or ages 10 to 14
--Kirkus Reviews says that "Pirates: The Ring of
Hope, is [a] spirited swashbuckling tale of mystery
and magic. The characters are rich and beautifully
rendered, and the story is sprinkled with humor... .  
Much of the dialogue is delightfully silly."
"Greta's Magical Mistake"  
"With simple rhymes and a gentle spirit, veteran children's
author Cobb offers an enjoyable story of a witch-in-
training whose good intentions go awry. This pleasant,
engaging story provides valuable messages about
friendship and the importance of good listening. Artist
Pentangelo’s colorful, playfully skewed images underscore
the text’s comical tone and contain numerous small details
that attentive readers will enjoy.  A sweet but never
cloying tale of a student witch, playfully illustrated."    
Kirkus Reviews
--Kirkus Reviews calls "Henry Hare" A fun
romp with uniquely illustrated characters and a
simple solution to an amusingly silly dilemma.”
Daryl is the author of

"Pirates: The Ring of Hope"
An Author Visit rarely gets this good! Rated Excellent by BOCES of New York!
Personalized School Book
Celebrating a Milestone!
Interactive Assemblies Grades K-2
Music & Storytime
Assembly coordinators, as you look at the information on my website, including all posted video
segments, keep in mind that I adjust my shows based on the grade levels that are attending each program
and the time in which I have to present it.  Your Pre-K classes, kindergarteners and first graders (Music
& Storytime) will be treated to a program that is designed for their age level, and that is different than
programs performed for older grades.  Each assembly of A Writer's Journey (2nd-8th grades) will be
tailored to be age appropriate for the group in attendance, with material varying based on grade.

If you have never experienced one of my programs in person then you are in for an exciting ride, one that
your staff and students will talk about long after the show is over!  

During my 50-60 minute interactive programs I will not only entertain, but will cover many important
topics including:     
Reference Contacts
and/or Letters
It was not the traditional author visit with a simple talk and reading.  You brought the
stories and the show to life!  Absolutely!  The best author day I have seen and one of the
best assemblies I have been a part of!"
-- Sam Hafner, Principal, Liberty Bell School, Coopersburg, Pennsylvania
Contact Daryl Cobb Productions
to confirm all author visit package pricing.
610-570-4196 or
contact Daryl Cobb at www.darylcobb@darylkcobb.com.

Daryl's books can also be found on
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Daryl Cobb news stories:

Rockaway, NJ
The Citizen of Morris County, NJ

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Author inspires students to be creative

The Vinton Messenger, Virginia

The ‘Write’ Inspiration: Author finds
inspiration in everyday life / The
Kentucky Standard

Find inspiration, set it free through
writing / The Kentucky Standard

Saltbrook E.S. New Jersey

Hunterdon County Democrat, NJ

Glenwood Elementary
"Interactive Writer's Workshop"
Creating Detail Grades 2-8
Interactive Assemblies Grades 2-8
"A Writer's Journey"
Interactive Assemblies Grades K-8
Summer Literacy Programs
Personalized School Book
What Is It?
Pre-Visit Materials
Read Chapter Samples
Read or Call References
"The students were engaged the whole time -- I loved it! The music and stories were
wonderful and the program information was adjusted appropriately for the PreK to 2
group, and the 3-6 group.  You are a talented author, entertainer… just a GREAT
talent!!"          P.S. We also loved our personalized school book!!!

Kerry L. Salerno, Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction
Moonachie School District, New Jersey
Author Visits
Daryl Cobb Children's Book Author
Photo  Halethorpe E.S. Courtesy of The Baltimore Sun
Mom’s Choice Award Winner!
Now Booking
School Author Visits and
Children's Educational Programs
for 2015-16 School Tour!
Inspiring children to read and write!
Regarded by educators as one of the best children's educational assembly performers in the field today!
Daryl steps away from the traditional author visit and creates a thoroughly captivating and thought provoking cultural arts experience!
Help make this world bully free!
Baseball, Bullies & Angels is a recipient of
the prestigious Mom’s Choice Award! This
award is to honor excellence in family-friendly
media. Mr. Cobb is a gold award recipient in
the category of Young Adult Books.
and Read!
Join the Adventure
Rated Excellent by
Ocean County N.J.
Kindergarten Association!
Connecticut ***
Delaware ***
Maryland ***
New Hampshire
New Jersey ***
New Mexico
New York ***
North Carolina
North Dakota
Pennsylvania ***
Rhode Island ***
South Carolina
South Dakota
Parts of New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland and Rhode Island
are considered Mr. Cobb's local touring area, but all schools may be eligible for local pricing.
The Importance of Reading -- a note from Daryl Cobb:

  Most professional writers that I know, including myself, are also avid readers.
Reading was and still continues to play an essential part in my writing career and my
writing education.  Each new book opens up the mind to new words, format, style and
voice, as well as new ways to twist and turn a plot.  A book also has the ability to
introduce us to new types of people, behavior, life experiences and places in the world
that we may not have gotten to know yet.  

  In essence, children will attain greater knowledge, ability and success by reading, and
I don't think that anyone would disagree that to be good at something you have to
practice, practice and practice.  But to keep kids interested they also need to see and
experience the joy in what you are trying to instill in them.  What measures are you, as
parents and educators, taking to show your students that it is more fun to read and
write than it is to pick up a gadget?  

  So how do you get kids excited about reading and writing?  For me, it is by letting
them see and experience the many ways a writer can apply that art form. That is what I
do, that is my expertise and, as an author who visits schools, that is where my varied
skills come in.  I am not just an author of books, but of song lyrics; I encourage and
direct the students in story telling and theater acting and, in seeing this all firsthand,
they are inspired that they too can create!

  The words "cultural arts" are rarely used in connection with an author visit, but with
my assembly performance programs, those are exactly the words to define the
experience.  What makes my programs so special and very popular is the mix of
cultural arts and literacy information.  And what makes it all work so perfectly has
been my ability to find creative ways, exciting ways to demonstrate writing skills and
how these skills can be used and are used in various artistic formats, while at the same
time using audience participation to do it.  The experience doesn't work if the author
can't find a way to get the whole audience actively engaged.

   I know that when coordinators are booking cultural arts programs they are thinking
in terms of "The Reptile Man", "The Science Guy" or "The Music of all Nations" and
they separate authors out into their own little category.  But if reading and writing is
really important in your school curriculum, then you owe it to your students to look at
an author visit like mine that has so much more to offer.